Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Macho Man

During an unfortunate incident with a door, his poor little finger got squished. He didn't seem all that bothered by it (after the initial outpour of emotion), but his nail did eventually metamorph into something quite unnatural. I was wondering if it might not be a bad idea to take him to the doctor to get it checked out, but it seemed to be healing quite quickly on its own. And like I said, he didn't seem bothered by at all.

We kept our eye on it though, and it wasn't much later that I was witness to one of the most brutal things ever. I had noticed that the nail started sounding a bit "hollow", so I thought maybe instead of just healing, it would just fall off. Until, one day, I looked down to see him chewing on his nail--something he usually doesn't do--then he bit down, pulled really hard, and the nail popped right off! He just spit it out like a watermelon seed. Shivers ran down my spine. Viv didn't even want to look. Julian just gave out a bit of a yelp.

I rinsed his finger off, it did bleed a bit, but underneath there was a shiny new nail. A couple weeks later now, and it looks almost normal, even.

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