Thursday, August 11, 2005

Sittin' Pretty
Just loungin' around getting used to a new environment.
01:39 PM Dec 25, 2004

When I get in the mood, I really get into the wrapping thing. Almost spoils the mood, seeing things torn apart.
12:59 AM Dec 25, 2004

Preparing for the holiday festivities.
11:35 AM Dec 25, 2004

Pudge Ball
Quite the little butter-ball.
09:57 AM Dec 20, 2004

Slow Falls
Not quite a trip, but, he ends up on the floor. Conveniently on the soft spot, of course.
06:37 PM Dec 19, 2004

Not quite sure if he knows what he's seeing, but, he likes it.
01:28 PM Dec 19, 2004

Just makes you want to reach out and squeeze him, too.
11:11 AM Dec 19, 2004

Loves mirrors. And himself, apparantly.
08:27 PM Dec 17, 2004

Nine Month Checkup
He's been on the outside as long as he's been on the inside. Quite a milestone, it seems.
11:26 AM Dec 17, 2004

All Bundled Up
And, ready to go. Cutie pie.
09:45 AM Dec 15, 2004

Just loves the outdoors, can't wait to go.
04:21 PM Dec 12, 2004

Banana Nut Bread
Not the most pleasant looking, but, oh so delicious.
01:01 PM Dec 12, 2004

Pointing just seems to come naturally.
11:04 AM Dec 12, 2004

Musical Babies
Infants just seem to have an affinity towards music, hence the musical toys.
10:57 AM Dec 12, 2004

All Pooped Out
Boundless bundles of energy, always willing to crawl the extra mile.
10:53 AM Dec 12, 2004

Christmas Ornaments
Hung them up for a more festive feel. Makes great Christmas cards, too.
10:52 AM Dec 12, 2004

Little Old Man
It's not enough that they're cute as can be, but, you have to dress them up to squeeze every last ounce of "cute" out of them.
10:14 AM Dec 12, 2004

The Dickens Festival
Took him to see the historic festivities. Fun was had by all.
02:52 PM Dec 11, 2004

The Highchair
A picture of his throne, from behind.
08:36 PM Dec 10, 2004

Kills the cat, but, consumes the child.
06:38 PM Dec 10, 2004

Lamb Chops
So wooly, yet so delicious.
06:38 PM Dec 10, 2004

Something so utilitarian, yet so alluring.
10:06 AM Dec 10, 2004

He Loves chewing on strings for some reason.
09:39 AM Dec 10, 2004